ipcs icon data Industrial Physical Capability Services (IPCS) provides standardized and objective physical capability testing for new hires and injured employees. IPCS will reduce your overexertion injuries in a safe and defensible manner, simultaneously improving safety performance, significantly reducing workers' compensation costs, and making your work environment safer and more productive.

Injury control that is "Driven by Data" provides the benchmark for the IPCS physical capability assessment. All decisions regarding the physical capability of a new hire or returning an injured worker is based on data. With Dr. Gilliam's more than 20 years of experience assessing industrial workers and managing their data, this data analysis and data building process allows for decisions based on data to accurately and safely match the physical capability of the worker according to the physical demands of the job.

The IPCS standardization of assessment and data mining procedures provides accountability and defensibility for your decisions on hiring and returning injured employees to work.

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